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  • Contact Lens Service Agreement

    A contact lens evaluation is a separate part of a comprehensive eye examination and requires additional testing that people who do not wear contact lenses don’t need. Patients wearing contact lenses require more of the doctor’s time and expertise. In order to prescribe contact lenses we must complete several additional tests:
    1. Evaluate the health of the eye paying close attention to the cornea, eyelids and conjunctiva and how contact lens wear will affect the health of the eye.
    2. Determine the proper contact lens prescription based on each individual patient’s lifestyle, vision needs, and corneal health and curvature. A contact lens prescription is different and separate from a glasses prescription.
    3. Examine the contact lens on the eye to ensure proper alignment with the cornea and lids.
    4. Measure the vision with the contact lenses on the eye and make adjustments as indicated.

    Contact lens examinations and fittings have different levels of difficulty; this depends on the types of contact lenses needed, the visual requirements of the patient and the health of the patient’s eyes. Before the contact lens examination is performed, we will inform you of the amount due for the exam for your particular prescription.

    Fees: Between $80-$200

    Most contact lens services at TrueVision Eye Care include follow up visits at no additional charge for 60 days. Contact Lens Visits after 60 days will incur a $40 office visit fee. Any medical office visits needed during or after the evaluation period will be billed to your medical insurance plan.

    Your contact lens prescription can not be released until you return for scheduled follow up appointments.

    Once the patient and the doctor are happy with the comfort, vision, and fit of the lenses, the prescription will be released to the patient to purchase a final supply. You may purchase your lenses at any North Carolina licensed supplier of your choice. Patients that purchase an annual supply of contact lenses from TrueVision Eye Care may receive up to 2 pairs of diagnostic lenses per year at no charge as well as 40% off a complete pair of eyeglasses or non-prescription sunglasses. Due to manufacturer limits on diagnostic lenses, we cannot dispense diagnostic lenses to patients that do not purchase their supplies from our office.

    REFUND POLICY: In office credit may be given for custom contact lens materials that are returned within the manufacturers warranty period of 90 days from date of first order. No credit can be given for lenses not returned to the office within the warranty period. Soft contact lenses can only be returned to exchange if the prescription changes; the boxes must be unopened and in new condition. Please do not write on your boxes.​ Each exchange/return is subject to manufacturers guidelines and will be handled on a case by case basis. There will be no refunds on contact lens service fees.

    Insurance coverage for Contact Lens Services: While most insurance plans do not cover contact lens services, some plans offer a discount or limited coverage that may cover part of the fees. Fees quoted over the telephone and before the exam are only estimates. The staff will be able to give you the exact fee after knowing the type of contact lens you will be wearing.
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