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Advanced Procedures

advacned diagnostics

Digital Retinal Photography

It’s just like having a normal picture taken. This is a simple, painless test that takes a few minutes to complete. We will take a digital image of the back of each eye, which is then uploaded onto a computer screen. Dr. Barnes can view it instantly and discuss the findings with you. It helps detect the most subtle changes in the the blood vessels, optic nerve, and macula. We then store these electronically ready for comparison on your next visit, allowing ut to monitor any changes over time.


A Pachymetry test is a simple, quick, painless test to measure the thickness of your cornea. With this measurement, your doctor can better understand your eye pressure reading and how it can affect your risk for developing glaucoma. The procedure takes only about a minute to measure both eyes.

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Corneal Topography

The Medmont E300 Corneal Topographer gives accurate mapping of the corneal curvature and that is integrated into Medmont Studio software environment. The E300 is a computerised Video-Keratometer, using Placido rings to map the surface of the human cornea. The results are used to assist in contact lens fitting, refractive surgery, orthokeratology and general assessment of the cornea.

Corneal Topography is a computer that creates a three-dimensional map of the surface curvature of the cornea. The cornea (the front window of the eye) is responsible for about 70 percent of the eye’s focusing power. An eye with normal vision has a a symmetrical cornea, but if the cornea is too flat, too steep, or unevenly curved, less than perfect vision results. The greatest advantage of corneal topography is its ability to detect irregular conditions invisible to most conventional testing. This testing is critical for evaluating contact lenses for patients with Keratoconus, Pellucid Marginal Degeneration, corneal scarring, and other corneal deformities. We use it on our cosmetic contact lens patients as well to ensure your daily contact lens wear does not damage your cornea.

Humphrey Visual Field

Humphrey automated visual field analyzers are the gold standard in perimetric testing. They have a 25 year proven track record in visual field development and research. Our field analyzer is one of their latest models with all the newest software and databases. It is the fastest and most accurate field testing available.

The Field Analyzer is an important tool to detect and follow glaucoma and many other ocular conditions. Patients who either have glaucoma or are suspected of having glaucoma will undergo repeated testing with this instrument. The visual field test can also be used to detect other neurological and retinal conditions as well. This test is often done on patients with headaches or a history of stroke.

Patients on certain medications such as Tamoxifen and Plaquenil also benefit from this test as these medications may damage the retina.

The procedure is performed quickly and easily in approximately 15 minutes. During the test lights of varying intensities appear in different parts of the visual field while the patient’s eye is focused on a central spot. The results are compared against the normal healthy eye in order to determine if any damage has occurred.

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Optovue- iVue OCT

We are proud to offer the Optovue- iVue OCT. The iVue is a comprehensive OCT platform that allows us to have retinal, optic nerve and anterior segment imaging capabilities, as well as the exclusive iWellness scan. This quick and easy scan provides an in-depth look at the health of your retina and other portions of the inner eye, which helps us identify signs of disease before they would be noticed on an eye exam which did not include this in-depth eye scan.

iCare Tonometer

iCare Tonometers are used for easy, accurate and patient-friendly intra-ocular pressure measurement, which is used for glaucoma screening. iCare tonometers are based on unique, patented rebound technology, in which a very light and small probe is used to make a momentary contact with the cornea. The Icare tonometer is based on a proven accurate measuring principle, in which a very light probe is used to make momentary and gentle contact with the cornea. The measurement is barely noticed by the patient. The device not only makes IOP measuring a more pleasant experience on all patients, it is also an important break-through for succeeding with non-compliant patients (i.e. children and dementia patients).

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Visual Field

A visual field test measures how much ‘side’ vision you have. It is a straightforward test, painless, and does not involve eye drops. Essentially lights are flashed on, and you have to press a button whenever you see the light. Your head is kept still and you have to place your chin on a chin rest.

The lights are bright or dim at different stages of the test. Some of the flashes are purely to check if you are concentrating. Each eye is tested separately and the entire test takes 6-15 minutes. Normally the test is carried out by a computerized instrument, called a Humphrey Visual Field Analyzer. Visual Field testing can help detect eye conditions such as glaucoma, migraines, multiple sclerosis, and neurological conditions such as brain tumors and aneurysms.


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