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Neuro Visual Rehabilitation

Neuro Visual Rehabilitation at Your Eye Care Center

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At TrueVision Eye Care, our goal is to improve more than just your eyesight. Your visual system is a primary gateway to your brain, and the right kind of input can stimulate neuronal activity to improve cognitive performance. Research shows that sustained training of perceptual-cognitive functions can create positive change in the brain and its abilities.

Change the Way You Look at the World

Neurocognitive training is a scientifically based tool that can measure and improve your cognitive health, as well as your ability to learn and recall key information, focus on important details, block out distractions and formulate plans and solutions. Over 20 years of research shows that this type of training can improve:

  • Attentionneuro cognitive training pic
  • Auditory processing speed
  • Visual processing speed
  • Executive function
  • Concentration
  • Coordination
  • Reaction times

This type of training can benefit patients of any age, allowing them to maximize their cognitive potential, while also improving their ability to react to dynamic circumstances, and stave off age-related cognitive decline. You can learn even more about neurocognitive training by visiting the dedicated website

The A Team

Dr. Barnes is a specially trained member of “The A-Team” – a national group of high-performance vision associates led by Dr. Donald Teig, a pioneer in the field of visual-motor performance training. Dr. Teig’s accomplishments include:

  • Director of the Institute for Sports Vision
  • Founder of Sports Performance Centers of America
  • President of the International Academy of Sports Vision
  • Chairman of the Sports Vision Section of the American Optometric Association

Dr. Teig has worked with major league baseball clubs, pro golf and tennis tours, NBA basketball clubs, Olympic teams, professional football teams, hockey teams, and the dancers of Joffrey Ballet. His former patients include not only elite athletes but also performers, business professionals and politicians. The A-Team is dedicated to providing the highest level of care to individuals who participate in visually demanding hobbies, sports and careers.

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  • Neuro-optometric rehabilitation uses a highly-customized combination of visual exercises, specialized lenses, and targeted visual stimuli to retrain the patient’s brain to process visual input properly following brain injury or other neurological conditions affecting vision.
  • If you think you may have vestibular dysfunction, know that symptoms can be treated and you can regain your quality of life.
  • Visual, perceptual, and motor problems arise from traumatic brain injury, disease, and inherited conditions. These visual perceptual deficits can have dramatic negative effects on academic, occupational, and even athletic success. Fortunately, vision therapy can help.

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